This wiki was created by Year 8 students from Hawkesdale P12 College for a science project.
Their aim was to demonstrate their understanding of geology - how igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks are formed and how fossils form.
Each student was required to find at least 3 pictures of famous geological landmarks, anywhere in the world and mark them on the Google map.They were then required to identify the kind of rock that the landmark was made of and describe how it was formed. They need to include at least one example of each type of rock, describe it's appearance and how it can be identified (crystal size, colour, texture, composition).
Each picture should be creative commons and have the link to where it was copied from.
Mind map created in

1 mark
2 marks
3 marks
4 marks
Untidy with no effort on headings and images.
Somewhat untidy, or lack of effort on either headings or images.
Good headings and images, with some images.
Excellent headings and clear, copyright-free images.
Inaccurate information or copied from other sources.
Brief information provided, but not always in the student's own words.
Good information describing most rock formations.
Excellent information, in the student's own words, that clearly describes the formation of rocks.
Science Knowledge and Understanding
No evidence of understanding of how rocks are formed.
Student's work demonstrates some understanding of how rocks are formed.
Student's work demonstrates good understanding of how rocks are formed.
Student's work demonstrates an excellent understanding of how rocks are formed, with clear descriptions of each of the geological landmarks and how they came about.
Student contributed very little to the project, relying on others in the group.
Student contributed some work and was able to communicate well some of the time.
Student showed good teamwork and communication skills most of the time.
Student showed excellent teamwork and communication skills, contributing equally to the end product and delegating tasks when necessary.
Use of Wiki
Student only demonstrated the use of the most basic features of the wiki.
Student demonstrated some of the more advanced features of the wiki, such as text and images with captions.
Student demonstrated good use of at least five of the advanced features of the wiki including text, discussion pages and widgets.
Student demonstrated excellent use of many of the wiki features, including discussion pages, colour, text, links, widgets and more.